The British Consulate at Takow

Sunset time today

  1. Afternoon Tea at Rose House
  2. Souvenir Shop
  3. Consular Residence Afternoon Tea MENU
  4. Takeaway MENU

【Consulate Garden】

Serving time:10:00-18:00

1. Classic Tea
A. 英國茶(熱飲)
i.Rose Oolong Tea
ii.Oolong Tea
iii.London Peach Tea
iv.English Rose Tea
v.Earl Grey Tea
vi.Darjeeling First Flush Tea
B. 英式冰茶
i.Rose Water
ii.Rose Iced Tea
iii.Classic Fruit Iced Tea
iv.Rose Peach Iced Tea
v.Earl Grey Tea
vi.Dream Iced Tea
vii.Rose House Fruit Tea(Iced /Hot)
C. 英式奶茶(冰/熱)
i.Royal Tea with Milk
ii.English Rose Tea with Milk(Iced /Hot)


D. 複方花草茶(熱飲)
i.Blaze Rose Herbal Tea
ii.Super Moonstruck Herbal Tea
iii.Maple Herbal Tea
iv.Rose Fruits Herbal Tea
v.Summer Blueberry Fruits Herbal Tea
E. 古典極品咖啡
i.Original Latte (Iced /Hot)
iii.Black Coffee
iv.Caramel Macchiatto



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